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Residenssitaiteilija, tanssija-koreografi Simone Weberin taiteilijavierailu

Outokumpu | Kulttuuritalo Marita

Saksalainen tanssija-koreografi Simone Weber esittelee residenssityöskentelyään Outokummun Kulttuuritalo Maritassa. Vapaa pääsy, tervetuloa!

Fading into infinity- or I exactly now where I am

Within a very open format I want to invite you to a little sharing of my second phase of movement research dealing with the topic of flow and a notion of autonomous bodies within ones body. During the Old Mine Residency I am revisiting the movement material I have worked with in my first phase of research last fall. I am aiming to unraveling my artistic process to deepen and manifest the material in expanded perspectives.

Here in Outokumpu I am very much influenced of the silence, emptiness and solitude which I was very much looking forward to but at the same time ironically being overwhelmed by it. I will not neglect this experience. In regard to my research i am asking myself the question of what is needed to get into a creative flow personally but also as a social entangled being. Is unlimited time and space as well as the reflection onto oneself the fuel to work? How much resistance, friction and persistence is needed to actually work?

Simone Gisela Weber is a dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. She holds BA degrees in Theater Studies and Cultural Studies from University of Leipzig, and earned a third degree with her recent graduation from the Inter-University Center of Dance in Berlin (HZT) with a BA in Dance, Context and Choreography.


  • ti 10.3. klo 17.30–18.30


Kulttuuritalo Marita




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